Our ebooks

Editorial Ink is the first Mexican 100% digital editorial. The works pass through a high quality process in the hands of a professional team that uses the most advanced technology to creat eBooks. Our catalog includes fiction, children´s literature, essay, art, personal development, history, photography, and more. We have the sucessful collections: Clásicos Ink and Conoce en 10 pasos. We count on some of the greatests writers in Spanish and we promote every year the Ink International Prize of Digital Novel.

In Editorial Ink we create eBooks that awake your senses. We take advantage on the oportunities of the electronic book, breaking the barriers of distribution offering books immediately to the globalized reader by the coverage of more than 85 countries trough the worldwide´s most important digital platforms, like Apple, Amazon, Google Play, Kobo and other 30 stores.

Looking ahead to the future of books, Editorial Ink joins the best of the traditional art of editing books projecting it to the endless possibilities of the digital edition.

Editorial Ink: reinventing the art of reading.