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Seis niñas ahogadas en un gota de agua

Seis niñas ahogadas en una gota de agua

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“The original imprint on those games that I set when I approached this essay were: braiding the life and work of different artists in order to establish secret correspondences” says Beatriz Espejo.

The essays in this book were created as a tribute to the quality of work of each of the authors who appear in it. Beatriz met and treated each of them in different times and circumstances of their lives, she says the way to address the narrative in their particular endeavors came due to a genuine admiration for them.

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    Title: Seis niñas ahogadas en una gota de agua


    Date of publication: Diciembre 2014

    ISBN: 9786079351410


    Publisher: Editorial Ink

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Beatriz Espejo

The great storyteller and essayist Beatriz Espejo has won several awards, including Magda Donato Prize in 1978 for his work Julio Torri, disenchanted voyeuristic ; the National Journalism Award in 1983 for his contributions to newspapers and magazines and Colima Narrative Prize for Chanting the sinner . He earned a PhD in Spanish Literature at the Autonomous University of Mexico. She has taught at the National School of Teachers and the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature at UNAM. Also projecting his contributions as researcher at the Center for Literary Studies (CEL), UNAM. Collaborated in the journal The Rehilete , Stations , Notebooks Wind , The Gazette Fondo de Cultura Economica ( FCE), Journal of Philosophy , Mexico in Culture and Cheers . Beatriz Espejo, who was twice Fellow of the Center for Literary Research (UNAM), 1969 and 1971; also received grants from the Mexican Center of Writers, from 1970-1971; and El Colegio de Mexico. The renowned author ventures into the world of technology and digital publications at Editorial Ink.