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José Guadalupe Posada visto por Diego Rivera

José Guadalupe Posada visto por Diego Rivera

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Mesmerized for days outside Posada´s shop, watching as the master gave form to his figures, the boy Diego Rivera was invited in by the artist himself, to see how he worked. Since that moment, Rivera recognized Posada as one of his greatest teachers.

In this book, an homage to the mexican engraver, we present a text in which Rivera the muralist speaks passionately about influence that Posada the lithographer and caricaturist had on his work: “Surely no bourgeoisie has been as unlucky as Mexico, to have a rapporteour who meted out justice upon their fashions, their actions, their comings and goings, like the brilliant and incomparable José Guadalupe Posada”, she writes.


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Guadalupe Rivera Marín

She was born in October 23, 1924, the daughter of the great painter Diego Rivera and the writer Guadalupe Marín. She earned a Law Degree, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a Doctorate in History of Colonial Law from the National University of Mexico. She started her professional career collaborating in several entities of the Federal Government, with Nacional Financiera being her first experience in this area, and the last as Executive Member of the National Institute of Historical Studies of the Mexican Revolution. She earned the National Economics Award of the Banco Nacional de México and is currently a distinguished member of cultural organizations such as the International Women’s Forum, the Mexican Society of Book Lovers and the Mexican Society of Family Planning. In politics she was a member of the Mexican Congress in three occasions as Federal Representative; and as Senator for the State of Guanajuato. She received the honor of being named Ambassador of Mexico for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Rome. She has authored books such as Mercado de trabajo, relaciones obrero-patronales en México; Bases para la planificación del Desarrollo; and Historia de la Secretaría de Gobernación. Her dedication to traditional Mexican cuisine led her to publish the Diccionario de cocina mexicana and Las fiestas de Frida y Diego. She has also written several books about the life of her father, an example is the book Diego el Rojo. She has been a speaker in several universities in the United States and in Cultural Centers in Spain, the United States, France, Italy, Norway and Peru, where she has always expressed her interest for the political, social and cultural life of Mexico. She is currently the President of the Diego Rivera Foundation headquartered in Mexico City.