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Entre brujas anda el cuento

Entre brujas anda el cuento

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In every color, smell, nationality and hairstyle, witches have always been mysterious, amusing and extravagant characters.

Thus, we have them from the old wicked witch in Snow White to the dear Madame Mim from the Disney movie adaptation The Sword in the Stone. Even though we know them well and thus believe we know everything about them, they have a long history. In this book from Dolores Carbonell you will find the answer to 13 questions that will take you through the labyrinth of a witch’s life. Exciting, isn’t it?


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Dolores Carbonell Iturburu

Dolores Carbonell studied Communications and is dedicated to writing fantastic literature and vampirism for children and teenagers with the deep conviction that this is what she likes best. Our author has more than 40 years of experience doing journalistic and editorial work; convinced that disquisitions between vampires, witches and toads are more amusing than discussions about the content of some marketing messages, she alternates writing the dialogues of her characters with her work in Imagen y Comunicación Organizacional, a company specialized in the development of solutions in communication and messages, of which she is a partner and founder since 1990. In 1985 she was rewarded the National Cultural Journalism Award of the Fine Arts Institute. Among her published essays we find: Tres Crónicas del Teatro en México, Periodismo Interpretativo, 7 Entrevistas con 7 escritores mexicanos. Los Primeros Años de Escuela (an orientation book integrated from journalistic material). Itinerario de una Mujer Embarazada. Editorial, El Dramaturgo entre Cuatro Telones, edited in the collection Escenología of Editorial Gaceta (Estilo y Dramaturgia II/ Hugo Argüelles). Some highlights of her literary oeuvre are: La Rama que Imaginaba. Entre vampiros anda el Cuento (12 preguntas y respuestas para conocerlos mejor), Entre Brujas anda el Cuento (12 preguntas y respuestas para conocerlas mejor) and El Umbral de la Melancolía, a story of goblins, fairies and other strange beings (young adults novel).