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El sabor del Edén

El sabor del Edén

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An innovative interactive book.
“Nourishment,” says Martha Chapa, “plays an essential role in the development and roots of every people,” and Tabasco can count among its many prodigies a cuisine where the mixture of colors, textures, flavors and aromas derives from the elements gifted by nature but enriched by the culinary tradition of the heirs of the Olmec culture.


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Martha Chapa

She is one of the most renowned artists of contemporary plastic art in Mexico, with 250 exhibits in the most important cities of the world, having received many awards. She has also very successfully made an incursion into gastronomic investigation, having to this date authored more than 30 books on the subject, especially on Mexican cuisine. Several of these books have received awards both in Mexico and abroad. She has given conferences in the United States, Europe and in Mexico. Her subjects include: arts, culture and gastronomy. She has also collaborated as a feature writer in diverse and important newspapers and magazines, and since last year she is the host of “El Sabor del Saber,” an original television series (T.V. Mexiquense Channel 34), that has for central themes art, culture and gastronomy.