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Includes audio of the author

Winning novel of the 1st International Ink Digital Novel Prize.

The award, made in collaboration with the UAM Xochimilco, had an internationally recognized jury. El asombro was the winning novel by unanimous decision. Located in the nineteenth century, it tells the story of an English merchant Lawrence Fortwright. Although Lawrence’s anecdotes are spanning more than twenty years and three continents, this novel revolves around solving the Mystery of the Abbey of Malmesbury, who occupied the attention of the press in the so-called “autumn mist” 1894, and was known in the headlines as “the Mystery of the floating man.” Highly ambitious, in the words of the jury, El asombro is an ingenious puzzle on the same style as Rayuela, employing a style to catch and engage the reader, who then makes his own reading and becomes the final piece that completes this work.

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Carlos González Muñiz

Writer and editor. He has received grants from the INBA, FONCA and CONACYT for training as author and fickle reader. In 2007 he founded The score Editorial, a project that has gained amazing life and remains a source of ideas and books. He has published the novella La Cage Mallik (Tierra Adentro, 2009) and Everything was dark under the starlit sky (The figure Editorial, 2013), mentioned among the best novels the year by the specialized column "Stairway to Heaven", the newspaper Reform . He has also worked as a creator of history and as the graphic novel A roadside snow writer shadow of the well (The figure Editorial, 2013), the comic Status Quo rises and is co-author, with the illustrator Silvana Avila, child album The pajaródromo (The figure Editorial, 2013), winner of the Best Children's Book Award 2013 awarded by the V Independent Book Fair. Directs some years workshop novel, likes fantasy stories, science fiction and could play video games for all eternity.